Our apartment answering service provides apartment complexes and landlords an easy method of communicating with their tenants 24 hours a day. Whenever you are out of the office or unable to answer calls personally, our professional operators are there to assist.

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Available whenever you need us

Apartment answering services from CMS are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, providing live operators to answer calls at any time of the day. Whether you are looking for someone to act as your daytime receptionist or to answer maintenance calls after hours, our professional apartment answering service can meet your needs.

Instead of sending callers to voicemail or requesting they call back when you return to the office, our apartment answering service allows you to take calls around the clock. No more upsetting tenants with your lack of availability or missing new business because you aren’t in the office. With CMS, there is always a live person ready to help.

Give your tenants peace of mind

They may never need to call, but knowing you have a 24 hour answering service for apartment emergencies gives your tenants peace of mind. In addition to the existing amenities you already advertise, working with CMS allows you to list a 24 hour maintenance hotline as a benefit of moving to your community. With plenty of apartment options available, this small enhancement may be all it takes to shift a prospective tenant’s interest in your direction.

Protect your investment

Purchasing and maintaining apartments is a significant investment. When a potential maintenance issue arises, it is in your best interest to respond immediately. Instead of letting more damage occur because a tenant was unsure what to do, our apartment answering service will give you a single point of contact for handling these situations. With no guess work needed, your tenants can easily report maintenance situations and our agents will always ensure they reach the appropriate personnel.

Never miss new business

Besides taking maintenance calls when your office closes, our apartment answering service also assists with new prospective tenants. We provide basic information about your vacancies and capture their information so you can follow up with them later. With many property managers relying on voicemail for new tenant inquiries, having a live person answer your office line will give your organization the upper hand.

Avoid hiring additional staff

Hiring new personnel to provide telephone coverage is expensive. When you hire employees, you pay them whether they take calls or not. Our call center agents are only paid while taking calls on your account. These cost savings are gained without sacrificing the quality of your service.

Built to fit your needs

Our highly trained agents act as an extension of your business, taking calls as if they are in your office. Calls are screened for urgency, which ensures only critical calls reach your on-call personnel. Urgent messages can be dispatched via text message, email, fax, or telephone. Non-urgent calls can hold until your office returns.

Apartment answering services through CMS are 100% customizable. You decide how your calls are handled, what issues are considered emergencies, and the method of message delivery. Our technology can integrate with your work ticket system or maintenance software, making it possible to track and process requests just like you would in the office.

CMS has decades of experience providing apartment answering services to companies across the country. From multi-state property management companies to small, family-owned operations, we have the industry know-how needed to design your live answering solution.

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