Emergencies can arise at any time. With property management emergency answering service from CMS, you ensure your company is in the position to respond quickly to these emergencies 24 hours a day.

Lightning storm which presents a potential property management emergency

2 out of 3 property management calls we receive after hours are regarding maintenance issues. How much damage could a water leak cost your business if left unattended for a few hours? Just one call, if not responded to immediately, could cost your company thousands of dollars. Our property management emergency answering services are designed to prevent your organization from incurring unnecessary costs. CMS provides 24/7 live answering for any potential property emergency.

Avoid risk without increasing costs

There are countless emergencies that may occur after hours, and it’s important that your property management company is available to handle them. By not utilizing a live answering service or call center, you are putting yourself at risk. Although maintaining your own emergency personnel can be expensive, with CMS, you only pay for the time spent handling your calls.

Using your emergency procedures

Utilizing our emergency answering service means you will always have live operators available to field your calls, each trained on your business and equipped with the emergency protocols that you’ve put in place. You determine what is considered an emergency and how each individual call should be handled. Whether you have one set of emergency procedures that are followed all the time or different instructions for each property, our system can be configured to accommodate your needs.

Available when you need us most

Losing contact with your tenants or on-site staff can be extremely costly. If you lose your power or telephone system, experience a weather emergency, have a sick employee, or encounter a natural disaster, our property management emergency answering service we will be available. CMS has a secure Midwest call center equipped with back-up power and telephony.

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