Our maintenance call center provides property management companies with a centralized work order management hotline capable of processing requests 24 hours a day.

Property management maintenance technician at work

Our maintenance call center is staffed by professional agents, each trained to process calls efficiently per your instructions. Available around the clock, our maintenance hotline can be used as a single point of contact for all your maintenance requests, or as an after-hours solution that takes over for your office staff.

Complete work order management

CMS maintenance call center services are personalized to the needs of your property management company and can often integrate with existing software. Agents can field calls, create work orders in your system, and then notify the appropriate personnel. Requests that require immediate attention can be dispatched to on-call personnel; non-urgent requests can hold for regular office staff.

Advanced database functionality

In addition to creating work orders within your existing software, our maintenance hotline can be programmed to interact with databases, allowing us to customize scripting and message delivery instructions based on specific properties. So whether you have one property or one thousand, our system can be setup to effectively manage all your calls and route them accurately based on your specific instructions.

Respond quickly

Certain maintenance requests require immediate attention. If your company isn’t in the position to respond, the problem may get worse and become more expensive to deal with. By having your calls routed to our maintenance hotline, you ensure that everything is screened and checked against your emergency guidelines. Any call that needs addressed can be taken care of immediately.

An after-hours escalation process will also be developed to ensure that we are able to reach vital company personnel when you need them most. A log daily of all after-hour activity highlights the response time for each call and ensures on-call maintenance personnel are handling the emergencies as you have instructed them.

Advertise 24 hour maintenance

Setting up a maintenance hotline with CMS allows you to market 24 hour maintenance, giving prospective tenants the peace of mind that comes with knowing any urgent situation will be taken care of immediately, not when the office gets back.

From small privately owned complexes to nationwide commercial property management firms, CMS supports hundreds of property management companies nationally. Award winning service and 100% customization make CMS the perfect solution for handling your maintenance needs.

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