Our property management virtual receptionist service provides property managers with courteous, well-trained receptionists to answer telephone calls on their behalf.

Property management virtual receptionists at work

Limit distractions and save money

A property management virtual receptionist is the perfect solution for busy property management companies looking to handle their telephone calls in a cost-effective manner. Instead of hiring employees that get paid whether they are working or not, our virtual receptionists are only paid while answering your calls.

In addition to acting as your daytime receptionist and fielding routine office calls, our property management virtual receptionists can cover your line after hours and over the weekend, giving you 24-7 telephone support and ensuring every call is answered in a professional manner.

Provide better customer service

In an effort to reduce costs, many property management offices call on managers to answer the phone. With these same managers being responsible for meeting with prospective tenants, showing properties, doing paperwork, and coordinating with maintenance staff, it’s understandable that some calls go unanswered.

Instead of relying on voicemail or forcing people to call back, our property management virtual receptionist can fill in for your office staff and answer calls that would normally be missed. With our skilled receptionists answering on your behalf, you provide callers with an excellent level of customer service and ensure you never miss an opportunity.

While the apartment complex down the street relies on voicemail, potential tenants calling your office will always reach a live person, an advantage that will result in higher occupancy rates and higher revenue.

Following your directions

Although off-site, our property management virtual receptionists work as an extension of your office and follow instructions that you put into place. From the way they answer the line to the way different types of calls are handled, everything is up to you.

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