Our real estate answering services are utilized by busy real estate professionals nationwide, freeing up their time to evaluate opportunities and close more deals.

Image of a real estate answering service agent taking calls with icons representing real estate deals

Don’t rely on voicemail

Customers are tired of being stuck with automated voicemail systems. In the highly competitive real estate business, allowing your customers to reach a live person quickly is just what you need to set your organization apart.

Our real estate answering service is available 24/7 and guarantees that every phone call made to your business will be answered by a real person.

Improve your responsiveness

CMS has provided real estate answering services for over 50 years and has taken thousands of calls from home and business owners looking to buy and sell a property.

Many callers are looking to make a decision quickly, and having them sent to voicemail is a disadvantage to your business. Most callers sent to voicemail will hang up and move on to your competitors until they reach a live person.

CMS gives your business a competitive edge by providing skilled call center agents to field live calls.

Personalized to your needs

Every aspect of our real estate answering service is customizable, from how we answer the phone to the information gathered on your behalf. 100% customizable real estate scripting allows CMS to collect the specific information you’re looking for.

Whether dealing with sellers, buyers, cash investors, loan modifications, or mitigation inquiries, we can develop a script that fits your business. Messages can be delivered via text, email, fax, or phone call, and instructions can vary based on the time of day.

Want calls sent to you via text in the evening but held overnight? That’s not a problem at all.

Our goal is to provide your real estate business with a seamless answering service that meshes perfectly with your existing workflow and makes your life easier, not create another business process that needs to be micromanaged every step.