Our real estate virtual receptionist service helps your company make a positive first impression by providing friendly receptionists who answer office calls on your behalf.

Real estate virtual receptionists taking calls

A professional image

First impressions matter. If your real estate business doesn’t have a live person answering the telephone, what message are you sending? Available to answer your calls both during the day and after hours, our real estate virtual receptionists allow you to maintain a professional office appearance without the costs associated with hiring dedicated staff.

An extension of your office

Real estate virtual receptionist service from CMS provides you with multiple operators who are capable of handling all of your callers at once. Agents answer incoming calls as if they are sitting in your lobby and are only paid while working directly for you. Calls can be connected to the appropriate person, or we can take messages and deliver them to you via email, text message or fax.

Go beyond office hours

With virtual receptionists, you aren’t confined to traditional office hours. We have real estate receptionists operating in a 24-7 call center environment, so we’re available to answer calls around the clock. And since you’re only paying for the time spent on your account, you can provide this around-the-clock service and still spend less money than it would take to hire one full-time receptionist.

Never lose contact

Losing contact with your customers can be costly. A power outage, loss of telephone service, or a sick employee can cause your business to suffer. With real estate virtual receptionist service from CMS, you ensure that there will always be professional personnel available to handle your calls. Our virtual receptionist call center has backup power and telephony, allowing us to operate when other offices can’t.