Our IT dispatch service is designed for technology companies who provide 24 hour on-site support and need an effective way to screen calls and dispatch on-call technicians.

IT technician fixing a problem on-site

If you provide on-site technical support or network maintenance services, it’s important that your customers be able to reach you around the clock. Instead of depending on technicians to answer their phones when on call, our service provides you with a centralized call center capable of screening calls, relaying urgent requests to the appropriate party, and keeping a record of every transaction.

Available when you need us

Our tech support dispatch center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you need dispatching assistance after hours or around the clock, our call center is always available to answer your calls.

A single point of contact

Our IT dispatch service provides your clients and technicians with a single point of contact that makes it easy to manage and track support requests. By providing your users with one number for requesting on-site service and having your technicians clear and escalate calls from the same help desk, you ensure a clear and accurate line of communication remains open at all times.

An extension of your business

Our tech support dispatching service is designed to work as an extension of your business. Our agents can create work tickets within your system, interact with your databases, and contact personnel based on their individual instructions. Messages can be dispatched via SMS, email, fax, phone call, or a custom channel that you design.

Improve your operation

If your clients have technology emergencies that need immediate attention, you can’t afford to go without professional call center dispatching. With CMS on your side, you ensure your IT Company always provides the highest level of service and never neglects a critical situation.