PC hardware technician at a work bench inside a computer repair shop

CMS helps computer repair shops boot customer service

You’re on the front lines of the tech boom. When customers call, they’re in crisis. What they want most is a rapid response time signaling they made the right call and that help is coming. Whether it’s misbehaving software, a virus, or a complete system crash, for the customer, every call is an emergency.

Growing your business requires giving customers what they need while simultaneously getting the most of your time. It’s a challenge, especially if customers take you out of the office to their homes or businesses. CMS has you covered with professional, highly-trained operators ready to handle your customers precisely as you require. We help you to get them back up and running by providing superior customer service that saves you money and makes the right impression.

Handle more computer repair calls without increasing costs

Fix more hardware, reinstall more operating systems, and make the right impression