You aim to provide quality customer service on the frontline, so why not provide it on the phone as well? With transportation customer service from CMS, you can have courteous representatives available to handle customer inquiries whenever they arise.

Transportation company customer service bell

The level of service that customers receive when calling your organization is easy to overlook when most of your business takes place outside of the office. That being said, it’s never acceptable to provide a poor customer experience, and doing so could have a negative impact on your business.

With CMS managing your customer service call center, you can ensure every call is answered by a professional customer care specialist and that caller concerns are being addressed. No more relying on voicemail, no more distracted employees rushing callers off the phone. Providing first-class customer service is our only priority.

Equipped to assist your customers

Hiring CMS to implement your transportation company’s customer service call center means equipping our personnel with the information they need to assist your customers. Before we take a single call, we’ll work with you to ensure our system contains all of the information your callers may request. By aiming to resolve as many calls as possible, our team will not only help you improve your level of service, they’ll reduce the burden placed on your existing staff as well.

Integrating with your business

Our customer service call center can integrate directly with the systems and workflow your transportation company already has established, allowing us to work as a direct extension of your operation. When our agents need to take messages and route them to different personnel within your organization, they can do so via the communication channel that you prefer. When your routes and availability change and customers need to be made aware, we can access the appropriate resources and provide updated information.

Move beyond satisfactory

Partnering with CMS to provide customer service on your behalf will allow your transportation company to raise the bar when it comes to customer satisfaction. While your competitors continue to drop the ball and neglect critical customer interactions, your organization can gain a competitive advantage.