Effective appointment scheduling is the lifeblood of any successful transportation company. By partnering with CMS to perform scheduling on your behalf, you’re ensuring your organization is available to serve every customer and take full advantage of every opportunity.

Transportation calendar

If it is only possible for customers to schedule transportation or request a ride when you are in the office, you may be losing business. With our 24-7 transportation scheduling call center, you enable your organization to accept appointments around the clock, improving customer satisfaction and extending the hours you’re able to earn revenue.

Your software or ours

Our transportation scheduling service is flexible to meet your needs. If you already have a scheduling program that you utilize in the office, we can integrate it into our system and schedule appointments directly over the Internet. We also have a proprietary web-based calendar that can be configured to meet your needs.

Accurate scheduling

Our scheduling system takes advantage of custom scripting to ensure every pertinent detail is captured. From the number of passengers to special requests, our transportation scheduling system is designed to account for everything.

Process payments

If payment is needed to reserve slots, our agents can complete these transactions within your payment gateway. Our software can also be programmed to make calculations and determine rates based on different variables.