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At CMS, we know the healthcare industry is a 24 hour operation. Patient needs aren’t restricted to office hours. A live voice is essential to growing your practice and delivering the quality service that your patients expect.

For over 50 years, our clients have relied on us to represent their practices while they enhance the lives of their patients and staff. With the recent addition of our Las Vegas facility, we now offer local Las Vegas medical answering services in addition to the nationwide support offered to healthcare facilities throughout the U.S.

24/7 Healthcare Contact Center Solutions

When a patient calls your Las Vegas facility hoping to reach a member of your staff, the last thing they want to hear is an automated recording or be sent to voicemail. As a medical practice, like all businesses, a primary concern is customer satisfaction. However, as a medical practice, you have the added responsibility of caring for your patients’s medical needs and providing high quality, attentive care. If your patients aren’t satisfied, the chances of them seeking care somewhere else go up.

When your patients call, they are likely stressed, worried, and in a hurry. The ability to speak to a live person is not only what they expect, but it also helps ensure that they receive the help and information they need, when they need it.

Medical Answering Services for Every Practice

Our Las Vegas medical answering service handles calls for a wide variety of healthcare organizations, including:

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Discover Why You Need a Las Vegas Medical Answering Service: Statistics and Demographics

CMS is used by medical practices and healthcare organizations large and small. Consider these reasons why companies in Las Vegas need Continental Message Solution:

  • The Nevada population is adding residents at a pace that should push the population beyond 3 million people by 2018. 75% of those residents live in Clark County and the Las Vegas area. According to a Nevada State demographer, that growth is the result of new residents moving in. The healthcare needs of the area must grow to meet demand, and this will result in increased staffing needs.
  • The health care workforce, including administrative and nonclinical positions, amounts to about 10 percent of Nevada’s total workforce. However, Nevada falls well below the national rates of medical doctors per 100,000 members of the population and doctors in patient care per 100,000 population, according to the physician workforce report. That means precious little time is available to handle routine administrative matters or keep up with phone calls.
  • A new nonprofit created by influential members of Nevada’s business and medical communities gave the state a D grade on its first report card on the state’s health care system. Released in August 2017, the report is intended to guide policymakers and recommend new approaches. Given the rapid population growth, there is no quick fix for Nevada’s doctor shortage, but there is room to immediately improve patient satisfaction. Live answering services can help make medical practices more accessible.
  • According to Census data, 33.6% of the Las Vegas population speak a language other than English at home. CMS offers multilingual answering service options to facilitate improved telephone communication between English speaking medical professionals and non-English speaking patients.

CMS Call Center Facility in Las Vegas

Looking for a local touch? We have got you covered. Our Las Vegas call center opened in 2016 to better serve our Southwest and West Coast clients. This means medical facilities in Las Vegas can have calls answered by a local business and avoid the stigma of outsourcing offshore or to an unfamiliar location. Our facility is located at 2950 E. Flamingo Road is led by a veteran supervisor, Carol Baker, who serves as office manager and has more than 20 years of experience with the company.

About CMS

Continental Message Solution (CMS) is an award-winning call center outsourcing company based in Columbus, Ohio. Our 24 hour call center provides telephone customer service and live answering services to a worldwide network of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 corporations. We have served the medical answering service needs of the healthcare industry since 1967, beginning with basic messaging services and expanding to live operator, IVR, and web-based solutions. For a pricing or a custom quote for your call center needs, contact us today.

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