Customizable Answering Service and Call Center for OB/GYN Practices

OB/GYN Call Answering Services That Take the Stress Off On-Call Docs

A 2017 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) study revealed that an estimated 40% – 75% of OB/GYN physicians experience stress-related “professional burnout.” While our answering service for OB/GYN practices can’t turn your practice into a Zen retreat, we can take at least some of that stress out of your life.

OB/GYN with patient

You and your staff have dedicated your lives to meeting the needs of every woman you serve. Whether steering your patients through a difficult pregnancy or delivering bad news to cancer patients, you’re there for them at all hours of the day or night.

But your patients suffer if you have an after-hours answering service that doesn’t have that same kind of commitment. That’s only one of the things that keep you up at night. Our OB/GYN call center solutions can help.

Meeting OB/GYN Practices’ Unique Needs 24/7/365

With Continental Message Solution (CMS), you’ll have a call center solution designed around your OB/GYN practices’ unique needs. Our compassionate medical answering service staff provides a personal touch while preserving complete confidentiality for your patients.

Over 50 Years’ Healthcare Answering Service Experience

Our HIPAA-compliant service ensures that all call center staff have completed HIPAA training and that our solutions comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). With more than 50 years of experience serving specialized medical practices, our team has a broad range of experience helping connect patients with their trusted women’s health providers.

End-to-End Call Center Coverage

Since babies don’t wait until your office opens to make their debut, we cover your practice throughout the day, handling overflow, staff shortages, holidays, and after-hours calls whenever you need an extra hand. So whether it’s a baby on its way or a true gynecological emergency, our on-demand call center connects your patients and other providers to you when they need you most — 24/7/365.

Live Answering Service

There’s nothing like a soothing voice at the other end of a call to assure an expectant mother or a patient with an extra-painful period that your practice cares about them. Our trained OB/GYN answering service operators can assure these anxious patients that you’ll provide the care they need when they need it.

After-Hours Call Support

Relax and enjoy family time, knowing that our experienced call center staff will handle all your after-hours calls according to your practice’s specific protocols. Additionally, we can provide customized dispatch instructions for each of the on-call OB-GYNs in your practice. That way, each physician can remain in control of each situation, maximizing their productivity and minimizing their stress levels.

Call Screening

While our virtual receptionists provide a welcoming presence to your patients, we also act as a barrier between your on-call staff and questions that can wait until the morning. With our automated scripting, our highly trained agents can identify various types of calls, routing them according to the patient’s response.

Emergency Relay and On-Call Dispatching

Our experienced call center personnel will send urgent calls — like frequent contractions — that meet your criteria for urgency directly to your on-call staff. If they’re experiencing symptoms that might indicate a life-threatening emergency, such as ectopic pregnancy, we can advise them to dial 911 or head to the emergency room and notify you about their situation.

Non-Urgent Calls and Appointment Scheduling

However, if your patients’ calls aren’t so urgent, our call screeners can advise them to get in touch with your office in the morning to schedule a visit. Or, we can schedule the appointment for them, assuring your non-urgent patients that you’ll tend to their needs as promptly as possible.

Overflow Receptionist Services

For those times when those Valentine’s Day babies keep flooding into your office doors, or your patients make good on their New Year’s resolutions by getting their annual Pap tests, your reception staff might need a little extra help. Our virtual receptionists can help steer the most critical calls to your in-house team while we take care of your other patients’ routine needs.

Most importantly, we customize our answering service to your OB/GYN practice’s exact needs and protocols. We’ll work with you to create the ideal call center solution for your practice. Get in touch with the CMS team to learn more.

Answering service agent taking calls for OB/GYN practice

Realize the Benefits Your OB/GYN Practice Will Enjoy When You Partner with Us

When your OB/GYN practice works with CMS, you and your staff will enjoy a broad range of benefits beyond our 50+ years working with medical practices. These benefits include:

  • A HIPAA-compliant answering service: Since your practice treats the most intimate aspects of your patients’ lives, having absolute confidentiality is a must. Not only are we a HIPAA-compliant answering service that sends only compliant messages, but we also insist on full HIPAA training and certification for each of our hires, so our team is as passionate about confidentiality as our leadership.
  • Patient calls answered your way: With our efficient call center personnel, you can rest assured that no non-urgent calls will reach you. Even more importantly, we’ll contact each on-call doctor exactly how they want for emergency calls. Whether paging you, sending you a text message or giving you a call, our people will follow your relaying and dispatching instructions to the letter. In addition, our on-call scheduling software maintains a real-time schedule of your on-call personnel to ensure absolute accuracy.
  • Real-time online reporting: When your OB-GYN practice works with us, you can search through your messages, access your call recordings, and track your on-call performance — all in real-time. Additionally, if you want to customize reports to keep an eye on your call analytics, all you need to do is ask.
  • A personal touch 24/7/365: Whether it’s fears about premature labor or fibroid pain that makes intimacy a painful experience, OB/GYN patients need a personal approach. With our team’s broad experience serving the medical community, we have the compassion and dedication to provide support and comfort to your patients every day of the week without annoying you with non-emergency calls that distract you from your other patients’ more urgent needs.
  • Month-to-month service agreement: We believe in earning your business every month, so we don’t require our clients to sign a contract. Additionally, with a month-to-month plan, you can scale up your service during busy times, like when “baby season” arrives.

Even better, the time you save with our OB/GYN answering service will give you some of your life back.

Remember how you felt when you finished your OB/GYN residency and set out into your practice with all the hope in the world? Get that feeling once again when you turn your on-call service over to a company that cares. Instead of being a bundle of nerves, your staff will feel free to welcome all those bundles of joy that are on the way.

Learn the CMS Difference

Take advantage of our experience and expertise by turning your answering service over to the professionals at CMS. Discover all the benefits of working with us. Contact us today to learn more.