Developed and distributed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Emergency Management Guide for Business & Industry provides step-by-step advice on creating a business disaster preparedness program. The guide is entry level material, so anyone with a desire to implement an emergency management plan can use this document to get started. 

What is emergency management and disaster preparedness?

Emergency management and disaster preparedness are processes undertaken to prepare for, mitigate, and appropriately respond to emergencies and disasters that may impact your business. 

What one business considers a disaster another may consider a minor inconvenience, so the FEMA guide is structured to help businesses of all shapes and sizes develop an appropriate plan. Whether you’re a small retail operation with a single location or a nationwide conglomerate, the FEMA disaster preparedness guide provides a process that you can follow to help prepare your organization for the worst.

Guide Table of Contents

Section 1 – 4 Steps in the Planning Process

  • Step 1 Establish a Planning Team
  • Step 2 Analyze Capabilities and Hazards
  • Step 3 Develop the Plan
  • Step 4 Implement the Plan

Section 2 – Emergency Management Considerations

  • Function: Direction and Control
  • Function: Communications
  • Function: Life Safety
  • Function: Property Protection
  • Function: Community Outreach
  • Function: Recovery and Restoration
  • Function: Administration and Logistics

Section 3 – Hazard-Specific Information

  • Hazards: Fire
  • Hazards: Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Hazards: Floods and Flash Floods
  • Hazards: Hurricanes
  • Hazards: Tornadoes
  • Hazards: Severe Winter Storms
  • Hazards: Earthquakes
  • Hazards: Technological Emergencies

Section 4 – Information Sources

  • Sources: Additional Readings from FEMA
  • Sources: Ready-to-Print Brochures
  • FEMA Regional Emergency Management Offices
  • State Emergency Management Offices