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With CRM integration from CMS, your real estate CRM is connected directly to our call center, allowing leads to flow seamlessly from our system to yours.

By automatically uploading real estate leads to your CRM, you can avoid the task of manually inputting data collected by our agents. This not only saves you time but ensures all of your data is collected uniformly and accessible from a central location.

No more lost leads, no more incomplete records, no more time spent doing data entry or taking phone calls.

How it Works

Integrating our real estate call center with your CRM is fairly straightforward. Here is a general overview of the steps involved:

  1. We access your CRM system and “map” the form fields to those being used by our call center agents (these fields are the ones being used in your script, which is the information we collect from callers).
  2. Once our system is connected with your CRM, any lead collected by our call center is uploaded directly into your CRM. So, for example, if someone calls wishing to sell their property, we’ll collect the necessary information for that type of call, save the record, send you a notification, and upload it to your system.
  3. When you access your CRM, you’ll see the leads collected by our agents and the rest of your records.


Can your call center integrate with any CRM?

As long as your CRM system is web-based and capable of capturing data via forms, we should be able to integrate with it. However, it does hinge on the capabilities of your system, so we’ll need to have it examined by our IT department before we can guarantee compatibility.

What services are eligible for CRM integration?

All of our real estate call center services are eligible for CRM integration. Whether we’re functioning as your virtual receptionist, customer service department, or lead processing center, the integration process remains the same.

Does it cost more for you to integrate with my CRM?

There is a small setup fee to cover the cost of integrating with your system, but there are no ongoing fees for CRM integration.

Getting Started

To learn more about our CRM integration capabilities and real estate call center services, contact us online or call 800-369-8908 to speak with a member of our sales staff.

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