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We answer telephone calls when you can’t and keep your business available around-the-clock.

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Have Your Calls Answered Live After Office Hours

Are you missing important calls after your office is closed? Need to maintain constant availability? Our After Hours Telephone Answering Service can help, providing highly trained agents to answer the phone for you and work as a virtual extension of your business.

No need to miss opportunities when your office is closed

Over 60% of after-hours calls generate significant revenue for various types of businesses and often require immediate attention. If that customer can’t reach a live person at your company, he or she will call your competition. If you don’t have after hours call center support from CMS, you’re losing revenue and the opportunity to improve or develop long-term customer relationships.

Provide top-notch customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

It is ten times easier to keep a current customer than to acquire a new one. After hours support helps you build a loyal customer base because they know you’re available when they need you most. They never have to worry about whom to call after hours.

After-hours answering service staff taking calls for small businesses

How it Works

Custom After-Hours Telephone Answering Services

We deliver more than your typical answering service by combining top tier customer service with leading technology personalized for your business.

Whether you need a simple after-hours receptionist service or a technician dispatching operation integrated with your work ticket system, we can help develop an off-hours call center solution that meets your exact needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

An after-hours telephone answering service is a call center that takes calls for businesses once they have closed for the day. The term “after-hours” refers to any time outside of regular business hours. After-hours answering services are also referred to as off-hours answering services, weekend answering service, evening answering services, and 24 hour answering services.

An after-hours call center costs a fraction of what you would pay an employee. Instead of hiring, managing, and paying staff or dealing with the many other headaches that comes with running your own call center operation, CMS handles everything on your behalf. Our time-based billing model enables businesses to pay for the time they need. That means you can provide continuous phone coverage after business hours but only pay for the time we spend handling calls on your behalf. For more information, visit

After-hours telephone answering services work by utilizing the call forwarding feature on your phone. When your office is closed for the day or you no longer want to take calls, you simply forward your phone number to our call center, where our agents are standing by to begin answering calls on your behalf. They greet each caller and follow scripting and procedures that you specify in advance.

Yes. Our call center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We never close and are available to answer your calls at any time, day or night.

Urgent calls are handled per your specifications. A common approach is to have callers with true emergencies hang up and call 911. For calls that require your immediate attention, we can have the caller hold while we try to reach you or your on-call staff. We can also take messages and reach out to the appropriate people or departments within your organization. For example, if you run a plumbing company and offer after-hours emergency service, we can screen calls to determine whether that is what the caller is looking for. If they say yes and agree to your after-hours service charges, we can notify the on-call plumber and let the caller know to expect a call back momentarily. For non-urgent calls, we can take a message and pass it on to you when the office reopens.

Yes. We have two call center facilities in the United States, one in Columbus, Ohio and a second facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of our calls are handled in the USA and we never outsource to third parties.

We answer your calls 24/7 as an extension of your business

Your callers don’t want a totally different experience when they call you after regular business hours. They want the same level of service and support they receive from your office. Our goal is to function as a seamless extension of your business. When we are successful, callers don’t even know they are speaking to an answering service.

Answering services personalized to your needs

Our after hours answering services are customized to meet your business needs. Our software allows us to script exactly what you would like us to say to your callers, from the way we answer the line to the way we say goodbye.

Your account can be structured to function as your office does during business hours, taking messages and routing them to the appropriate parties, relaying and dispatching urgent calls, and aiding customers with routine tasks such as appointment scheduling. If you only wish to handle specific concerns after hours, your account can be set up to filter out non-pertinent calls.

Our answering service staff learns the ins and outs of your account so that general questions can be answered quickly. Once the call is completed, any message taken is delivered to you based on your specific instructions.

Overnight, weekends, holidays, during emergencies — we ensure you are always available

After hours answering ensures that your customers always have a way to reach your business. With their busy lives and hectic schedules, they’ll appreciate being able to reach you around the clock. The CMS agents responsible for answering your calls after hours act as an extension of your office, so you can rest assured that customers always receive the courteous level of service they deserve.

Whether you’re a small IT company looking to cover your clients’ technical support needs or a nationwide property management firm looking to centralize your maintenance hotline, we can help you develop an after-hours contact center solution that achieves your goals.

Experience the CMS difference

Over 50 years of providing call center solutions gives CMS the industry knowledge and expertise to help your company grow. Available without a large expense or long-term contract, our services are flexible and designed to supplement your existing operation.

Trust your calls to the professionals

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