Call Center Benefits

What's included with After-Hours On-Call Answering Service Solutions from CMS

Our answering service provides the courteous operators you need to answer calls and relay messages to your on-call personnel after hours.

Solving your after-hours dilemma

While you need to remain available around the clock to serve your clients, it’s costly to staff 24-hour coverage. And while outsourcing is cost-effective, you worry about entrusting your customers to another company.

With CMS, you can provide high-quality customer service after hours while enjoying the cost benefits of using a third party. We treat your callers as our own and work diligently as an extension of your business.

Limit on-call distractions

The last thing your on-call employee needs is to be bothered with every phone call you receive after hours. Our operators help limit on-call distractions by filtering and classifying calls based on factors you establish in advance.

Callers appreciate a live voice

Automated systems are impersonal and difficult to navigate, especially in times of crisis. At CMS, every call made to your number is answered live. Whether it’s Saturday night or Christmas morning, our team is always available.

Accommodate your entire staff

Our flexible dispatching platform and on-call scheduling system can accommodate unique instructions for each member of your staff. For example, if Mary wants calls relayed to her home phone number after 9 pm and Ben prefers a text message 24-7, we can program the differences right into our system, eliminating the risk of human error.

Scripting built to your specifications

Although HVAC contractors and medical practices both require after-hours on-call service, they are bound to have different needs. With our customized answering service scripting, we can design an after-hours on-call solution that meets your unique specifications. From the way we answer the line to the questions we ask callers, everything is up to you.

Experience you can trust

Providing on-call services for more than 45 years, we have the professional experience you can trust. Our service is used by major hospital networks, emergency service companies, and countless other businesses nationwide. If you’re looking for an answering service to interface with your on-call personnel after hours, look no further than CMS.

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After-Hours Answering Service

Have every call answered live

After-Hours Customer Service

Meet customer needs after hours

After-Hours Dispatching Service

Screen and assign requests

After-Hours On-Call Answering Service

Communicate with on-call staff

After-Hours Virtual Receptionist

Greet every call with a smile