Call Center Benefits

What's included with After-Hours Virtual Receptionist Solutions from CMS

Have a friendly voice answer your office phone around the clock with after-hours virtual receptionist services from CMS.

Project professionalism 24 hours a day

When your office staff goes home for the day, what happens to your telephone calls? Instead of sending everything to voicemail, CMS virtual receptionists answer live in the name of your business, giving your company a human touch and ensuring you always project a professional image.

Avoid expensive office receptionists

If you hire a traditional receptionist to take your after-hours office calls, he or she will be paid whether the phone needs to be answered or not. CMS virtual receptionists take calls for a number of different companies, distributing the cost and allowing businesses to pay only for the time spent working on their account.

Control and personalize your after-hours presence

Want your after-hours receptionist to answer the same way you do during the day? Need every caller to answer specific questions? Want to receive messages by text message instead of email? It’s all up to you.

Utilizing a virtual receptionist after hours doesn’t mean settling for a generic voice that poses as your secretary. We customize our processes to meet your needs and function as an extension of your business.

Have routine tasks performed while you sleep

Highly trained and able to perform a variety of duties, our team can function as your after-hours secretarial staff and help run your business when your office is closed. Imagine waking up to find questions answered, new appointments scheduled, and fresh leads neatly summarized in your inbox.

After-hours virtual receptionists make your life easier and allow you to get more done.

Browse after-hours services by function

After-Hours Answering Service

Have every call answered live

After-Hours Customer Service

Meet customer needs after hours

After-Hours Dispatching Service

Screen and assign requests

After-Hours On-Call Answering Service

Communicate with on-call staff

After-Hours Virtual Receptionist

Greet every call with a smile