Call Center Benefits

What's included with Call Transfer Service Solutions from CMS

Our call transfer service allows you to effectively manage incoming telephone calls while maintaining a personal touch. Live operators answer your line, determine the nature, and then connect callers to the appropriate party.

Better assist your customers

With our call transfer service, you can replace frustrating automated systems with live operators and have every call answered in a courteous, professional manner. Our telephone agents answer in the name of your organization and follow call transferring guidelines that you put into place, allowing us to act as an extension of your office and effectively assist your callers.

When you provide customers with live operators instead of machines, you let them know their needs are important and that you have resources dedicated to ensuring their satisfaction. Having a human being transfer calls instead of a machine may seem like a minor change, but it’s one that customers are sure to recognize.

Reaching the appropriate party

A number of configurations can be used to ensure your callers are being transferred to the appropriate party. We can present a list of options, ask specific questions, or utilize a distribution list that varies based on the time or day of the week. However your organization may be structured, we can design a call transfer solution that meets your needs.

Flexible call handling options

We understand that certain calls may take priority over others and that transferring live calls isn’t always appropriate. Our call transferring service can allow operators to take messages, transfer to voicemail, provide information, or redirect callers to outside resources, effectively managing calls that fall outside of your transfer specifications.

If a caller has a non-urgent service request after hours, we can take a message and deliver it to you when you return to the office. If a caller requests an individual that you no longer employee, we can make them aware. If you only want to be bothered with new client inquiries on your lunch hour, we can transfer the rest to your voicemail. Any configuration you need can be accommodated within our system.

Always available

Staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, our call transferring center is always available to answer and process your calls, whether it’s the weekend or a national holiday. With variable instructions that can account for different situations, our call transferring service can function as your receptionist during the day and revert to an urgent call handling center after hours.

If you experience an emergency in your office or lose power, we can step in and begin taking calls on your behalf. If your schedule varies from day to day, you can forward your lines to us on demand and change your instructions on the fly. Our function at CMS is to meet your communication needs and help your business make more money. We do this by building flexible call transferring implementations that meet your every need.