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What's included with Cell Phone Answering Service Solutions from CMS

As a busy professional, your cell phone is your lifeline. With our cell phone answering service, you can ensure your cell phone remains an effective business tool even when you’re unable to answer.

How often do callers reach your cell phone voicemail? If you’re often too busy or distracted to answer your calls, your cell phone can quickly become a business liability. By utilizing our cell phone answering service, you can avoid upsetting callers and losing opportunities when you are unavailable.

Our cell phone answering operators work as an extension of your business, performing the same services a secretary or receptionist in your office would. Available 24-7, after-hours, or on-demand, you can forward your lines to us whenever you’d like and our agents will seamlessly begin answering on your behalf.

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All of our live answering services, including cell phone answering, are 100% personalized to your needs. The way our operators answer the line, the information they have available, the questions they ask callers, how we deliver messages or transfer calls – it’s all up to you.

Top-notch customer service

Using our professional operators is a huge step up in terms of customer service and professionalism. Courteous, well-trained, and consistent, having your line answered by our staff will make a strong first impression. While your competitor continues to rely on cell phone voicemail, you can gain the competitive edge by providing professional service and live operators 24 hours a day.

Cell phone answering in action

Curious how our cell phone answering service can be utilized? Here are some specific scenarios where our service proves useful and examples of what our operators are capable of.

  • If you’re going into a meeting, you can forward your cell phone line to us and update your status, allowing agents to inform callers of your availability and offer to assist them. General information can be provided, preventing an additional call, or a message can be taken and delivered to you directly. With text and email options available, you can receive the message immediately, allowing you to know what activity is occurring while you are away.
  • Global business never sleeps. By forwarding your cell phone after office hours or overnight, you ensure every call you may receive is handled in a professional manner. If you use our service for your office line as well, you can instead forward that line to our service and keep your cell available, allowing urgent or priority calls received by our agents to be forwarded to you immediately.
  • If you are an attorney, consultant, or another professional who is used to working off your cell phone but now transitioning into an office environment, you can utilize our cell phone answering service to get your clients and customers used to your new arrangement without sacrificing personal service.

In addition to taking messages or routing calls to other lines, our operators are also capable of scheduling appointments, providing customer support, placing orders, integrating with your CRM or website, and performing other tasks on your behalf. In this manner, our service can truly become an extension of you and your business. And instead of paying to staff your own office, you can take advantage of the incredible cost savings that come from using service and infrastructure.