Call Center Benefits

What's included with Corporate Answering Service Solutions from CMS

Utilizing CMS as your corporate answering service gives you the professional telephone presence you’re looking for at a fraction of in-house costs.

Effectively reducing costs is vital to your firm’s profitability. While it’s relatively easy to trim expenses, it’s difficult to do so without sacrificing quality or negatively affecting your brand. With our corporate answering service, you can maintain your polished corporate image while simultaneously slashing the amount of money spent on employees and communication infrastructure.

Unlike receptionists and office secretaries who are paid regardless of whether they are on the phone, you only pay us for the time spent handling your calls. Your corporate answering service account is also 100% customizable — personalized to the needs of your company and pre-configured to execute specific instructions that you put into place.

Extend your corporate office

Although our corporate answering service isn’t in your office, we still work as an extension of your business. We answer the line in the name of your company and handle calls per your specifications, routing calls to the appropriate personnel, providing callers with routine information, and taking messages as needed.

Improving office efficiency

The last thing a corporate office needs is an unorganized communication system. By having your calls handled by our corporate answering service, you remove a major distraction from your office and free up human capital to focus on other tasks.

Personalized to fit your company

Every corporate answering service we implement is 100% customizable. From the phrase we use to answer calls, to the specific questions we ask, to the methods we use to communicate and deliver information to your personnel, everything can be configured to meet your needs. Messages can be delivered via email, text message, fax, or voice, and calls can be routed based on the person or department requested. Whether you have several dozen employees spread across the country or several hundred at your central headquarters, we can design a communication solution to fit your needs.