Call Center Benefits

What's included with Dispatch Service Solutions from CMS

Our dispatch answering service provides you with quick, accurate, and professional dispatching at a fraction of in-house costs.

Affordable and efficient dispatching

Keeping dispatchers in the office 24-hours a day is expensive. You have to pay them whether they’re working or not, and the variety of additional costs associated with maintaining a full-time staff adds up quickly. With service dispatching through CMS, you only pay dispatchers while they are working on your behalf. Our dispatching service improves your profit margin by decreasing your operating expenses and increasing your efficiency.

Don’t miss out on revenue

Does the need for your service disappear after hours? If not, how much money do you lose by not being available around the clock? Instead of losing valuable business to your competitors, commercial service dispatching through CMS allows your business to remain available 24/7/365, always ready to accept a service call and earn extra revenue.

Seamless integration with your business

Our professional staff and advanced technology allow our dispatchers to work as an extension of your business and operate as though they are sitting in your office. Whether you have one on-call technician or fifty, our service dispatching software can be configured to accommodate your needs. Dispatchers take reliable messages on your behalf and ensure they reach the appropriate personnel quickly, giving your business a fast response time and helping you stand out amongst your competition.

Our dispatch service can utilize any number of message delivery mediums, including text message and paging, allowing us to easily integrate with your current method of communication. Custom dispatching services can also be configured to integrate with your work ticket system or CRM.

The CMS difference

CMS provides dispatch service for thousands of clients across the country and has the experience you can trust with your business. Whether you need a 24-7 solution or just need help with dispatching calls after office hours, we can design a service to meet your needs.