Office answering service from CMS is ideal for offices looking to maintain professional, customer service oriented communication without the distractions or costs associated with handling all calls internally.

Office answering service team

An extension of your office

Utilizing our office answering service doesn’t mean sacrificing efficiency, service, or professionalism. We have highly trained staff available 24-7 who act as in-office receptionists, answering calls in the name of your business and handling them based on your instructions. The difference between the staff in your office and the staff in our call center can be indistinguishable.

Whether you are looking for a standard office receptionist who answers and transfers calls to the appropriate party, or an assistant who answers and takes messages for the person or department requested, our office answering service can meet your needs. And unlike having staff in your office, you only pay for the time we spend answering on your behalf.

Professional customer service

Having your office calls answered in a consistently professional manner is important. Customers are paying attention, and any sense that they aren’t your number one priority will be noted, perhaps damaging your relationship and ultimately affecting your bottom line.

With office answering service from CMS, you gain a staff that is completely dedicated to your callers, working diligently to ensure that every interaction is positive and handled courteously. We treat your callers as our own. Although a full-time receptionist in your office may be able to do the same, the cost difference between an employee and our office answering service is staggering. You will not find a more cost-effective way to have your office phone answered professionally.

Designed to meet your needs

Our office answering service is not a one size fits all solution. Every office is different in its own way, and our live answering solutions are designed to meet individual specifications. From start-up companies looking to appear established to large corporations needing to trim front-office costs, we have the staff and resources necessary to meet your demands.

When you partner with CMS to implement a live answering solution for your office, we’ll work with you to first assess the different types of calls being received and how they are currently handled, then we will customize an account within our system that mirrors your internal operation. If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your front-office call taking and add new functionality, you’ll find our resources and technology the perfect tools for restructuring.

When you partner with CMS, you gain access to our 40 plus years of experience and industry leading technology staff, ensuring the live answering solution we implement for your office exceeds all expectations. Both your employees and customers will appreciate the improvements.

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