Call Center Benefits

What's included with On-Call Answering Service Solutions from CMS

On-call answering service from CMS provides your organization with on-demand live operators who are always available to handle your calls and relay messages per your instructions.

On-call when you need us

Our on-call answering service is staffed 24-7-365. At CMS, professionals are always available to handle your calls, no notice required. In this on-demand economy, where consumers and users expect constant access and immediate acknowledgment, our on-call answering service provides the flexibility your organization needs to meet its demands without increasing costs.

Once your account is live, you can forward your phone lines to us whenever you’d like, allowing a seamless transfer that allows your call flow to carry on uninterrupted.

An extension of your business

100% personalized service and advanced technology allow our capabilities to mirror your internal operation, relaying and dispatching messages per your exact instructions. From the way we answer the line, to the information we gather, to the way we handle different calls, everything is designed to fit your needs. We truly work as an extension of your business, handling your calls as we would our own.

A cost-effective on-call solution

Cost matters, and our on-call answering service provides the high quality support you’re looking for without the capital investment it would take to provide similar operations in-house. Working with CMS as your on-call provider means you sacrifice nothing. Instead, you improve both your service and your bottom line.

Benefits of on-call answering service

An on-call answering service provides countless benefits. Besides the professional service, 100% customization, and unmatched cost effectiveness, the on-call model provides your business with the peace of mind of knowing that you’re prepared for anything. If there’s a disaster or emergency that prevents you from taking calls, we’re available. If key staff is unavailable and you don’t have coverage, we can step in. No matter what happens, your business never has to stop.