Call Center Benefits

What's included with Order Taking Answering Service Solutions from CMS

Not accepting orders or providing customer support by phone? You may be losing money. With our order-taking answering service, you can accept orders over the phone 24-7 and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Order taking simplicity

Order-taking answering service from CMS is an easy, affordable way to provide your callers with professional customer service. Our highly trained American agents follow your specific instructions and only charge you while handling calls on your behalf.

From the way we answer the line to the information we gather when taking an order, everything can be personalized to meet your needs. Available 24 hours a day, our order-taking answering service ensures that you are available whenever new business presents itself.

Custom order scripting

Need your customers to confirm a model number or shipping method? Our order-taking answering service makes these options easy to account for. With custom order scripting presented to our operators based upon your business specifications, our system will ensure that every piece of information you need to process an order is accounted for. Otherwise, the order won’t be submitted.

An extension of your business

Our order-taking answering service is designed to function as an extension of your business. If callers need assistance we aren’t able to provide, we can route their call to the appropriate party or pass their message on to someone else within your company. Both orders and messages can be delivered to you in a number of different ways, including email, text message, fax, or telephone call.

Complete processing solutions

While our order-taking answering service is primarily focused on taking orders in message format and delivering them to you for final processing, we also have order-taking call center solutions capable of integrating with your system and completing the entire order process on your behalf. Regardless of what your telephone order processing needs may be, we have a live operator solution that is a perfect fit.