Utilizing our telephone answering service ensures that every call made to your organization is answered by a live person. Answering the phone 24-7, our service helps you maintain a professional image and provide better support to your customers and personnel.

Answering phone service agents taking calls

Phone answering built for you

Regardless of your budget, CMS has a custom, professional telephone answering service that will meet your needs, from after hours telephone answering to daytime virtual receptionist services. When you receive a call, you can receive the information immediately via text message, page, email, fax or web. Emergency calls can be sent to the on-call immediately. Non-urgent messages can be held and be sent together in a daily log. Every aspect of our phone answering service is custom built to your needs.

Professional telephone answering

Searching for a service to answer your telephone, we understand that professionalism is paramount. Even more important than the cost, having your callers greeted by a courteous, well-trained telephone operator is what truly makes a phone answering service valuable. At CMS, we have more than 40 years experience providing these services to businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes, and we have perfected the art and science of managing telephone calls.

Meet customers’ needs while keeping costs low

CMS gives your customers live telephone support without drastically increasing your payroll and operational costs. Your staff may not be able to answer every call, even during office hours. This forces your current and potential customers to wait, try again later, or take their business to your competition. Avoid frustrating your customers or possibly losing sales by adding additional phone staff from CMS. We are only paid when answering your phones. You can use CMS as coverage for overflow or direct certain types of calls directly to us through a 100% customized account.

An extension of your business

We have telephone answering experience with organizations of all sizes. This experience gives us the flexibility to design an account that works for you. Agents answer the phones following your specific instructions. This ensures calls are handled the way you want, as if you’re answering the phone directly. CMS is not just the telephone answering service, but an extension of your business.

Protect your business

Losing the ability to communicate with your customers for even one day can be crippling to a business. If you lose your power, your telephone system, have a weather emergency, or a natural disaster CMS will be available. Your business needs to be prepared for disaster. Every call is recorded and time-stamped, so you know when each call comes in and when your personnel respond to each page, text message, or email.

Here to make your business money

Our function at CMS is to increase your company’s revenue. We do this by providing reliable telephone answering services to all customers.

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