Off-site but never off-task, CMS virtual receptionists provide your office with the professional voice you’re looking for without the costs of hiring in-house staff.

Virtual receptionists taking calls

Meet your customers’ needs while keeping costs low

Virtual receptionist services from CMS allow your company to comfortably expand without the wasteful overhead associated with hiring a full time receptionist. You are only charged for the amount of time CMS virtual assistants are working for your business. Our live call center agents work as an extension of your company, answering incoming calls as if they are sitting in your office.

With multiple virtual receptionists available, your company’s calls will always be answered by a live person, allowing your office staff to perform the tasks that are more vital to your business and bottom line.

Our call center is available 24/7/365, so you never have to worry about missing a new customer inquiry or a concerned customers’ call. All messages can be viewed online or received via email, text message, or fax. All virtual receptionist accounts are customized to fit the needs of your organization.

Protect your business

Losing the ability to communicate with your customers for even one day can be crippling to a business. If you lose your power or telephone system, have a weather emergency, or experience a natural disaster, our call center and virtual assistants will be available. Your business needs to be prepared for the worst. Every call is recorded and time-stamped, so you know exactly when each call comes in and when your personnel respond to each page, text message, or email.

Put all locations under one virtual roof

Virtual receptionists can handle the communication needs of multiple locations from one virtual headquarters, giving your business the organization and uniformity it needs to run efficiently. You don’t have to worry about your clients calling the correct location. Instead use one telephone number to service all of your offices. This is an added convenience for your customers.

Here to make your business money

Our function at CMS is to increase your company’s revenue. We do this by providing highly trained, professional virtual receptionists able to serve the needs of your customers.

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