Call Center Benefits

What's included with Weekend Answering Service Solutions from CMS

Is closing over the weekend costing you customers? Do you wish you could provide better customer service on Saturday and Sunday? Our telephone answering service can help.

Better weekend communication

If you operate like most companies, you’re only available Monday through Friday. That may be the best schedule for you and your employees, but what about your customers? Does the need for your product or service ever arise outside of regular business hours?

With our weekend answering service, you never have to worry about missing calls when your office is closed. Our professional staff can answer your calls over the weekend, contacting you with the important stuff and saving the rest for Monday morning.

Your weekend customer support team

Consider us your weekend customer support team. Instead of hiring employees or taking calls yourself, we answer on your behalf and function as an extension of your office.

Our weekend call center is staffed by trained customer service agents, so you can rest assured that every call is being handled by professionals. We treat your customers as our own and exist to help you run a better business.

Handle weekend calls the way you want

Just because we take your calls over the weekend doesn’t mean you lose control of your business processes. Our services can be tailored to your needs.

We can answer in the name of your business and call ourselves the after-hours support team, or we can operate as a third party answering service. From the way we answer the line to the processes we follow while on a call, everything can be personalized to fit the needs of your company.

Here to grow your business

Our mission is to help your business prosper. We can answer calls for emergency service and make sure they reach your field service technicians. We can handle basic troubleshooting and make sure your customers get the help they need. We can filter calls and make sure only the important stuff interrupts your family time. Whatever your weekend telephone answering needs may be, we can help.