All of our call center services are available 24-7, 365. Whether you need around-the-clock help desk support or on-demand emergency answering, we have the resources to keep your business moving.


Around the clock live call center services

Today’s fast-paced, global marketplace requires many businesses to remain available 24-7. With a 24-7 call center, businesses can meet the demand for around-the-clock service without the costs associated with hiring in-house staff. In business since 1967, CMS provides 24-7 live call center services to thousands of clients across the country and is nationally recognized for award-winning service.

Benefit from 24/7 call center availability

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from our 24-hour call center services. Constant availability not only builds goodwill amongst customers, who appreciate being able to reach a live person 24 hours a day, it also increases revenue potential. Instead of only accepting new business during a small window of time each day, your business can be open 24-7, ready to take on new opportunities whenever they may arise.

An extension of your business

Our 24-hour call center answering service provides your business with highly trained domestic call center agents who are available to take your calls at any time. Each account is 100% customizable, allowing agents to act as an extension of your office and fully assist your callers. With our advanced technology, we’re able to perform many of your routine business processes directly from our 24-7 call center, making our service easy to integrate with your existing operation. Unlike employees that must be paid whether they are taking calls or not, 24-7 call center agents from CMS are only paid while taking calls on your account. Because of this, 24-hour answering through CMS is an incredibly cost-effective solution.

Here to make you money

Our function at CMS is to make your business money. We do this by providing 24-hour call center services that allow your organization to generate additional revenue without dramatically increasing expenses.

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