Today’s economy never sleeps. With after-hours call center services from CMS, your business doesn’t have to either. Our call center can take over for your staff after business hours and help you create a seamless, 24-7 operation.

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Keep your business moving

Our after-hours call center can keep your organization running past office hours. With our advanced technology solutions, we’re able to fully integrate with your existing operation, allowing our call center agents to perform the same tasks that your office staff fulfill during the day. From providing customer service, to processing orders and dispatching service requests, our team can help you extend your capabilities, better serve your customers, and stay a step ahead of your competition.

Provide what consumers expect

Modern consumers expect to get what they want when they want it. They’ll no longer wait until the next business day or be satisfied leaving a voicemail. Instead, they’ll move on to a business that’s available. And in today’s marketplace, they’ll find one. By implementing an after-hours call center solution through CMS, you can ensure your organization is the one available, establishing constant availability and providing professional, live operators who have the skills and tools necessary to meet your callers’ demands.

More than just a voice

Our after-hours call center capabilities can be as simple or complex as your business requires. If you need more than just a live operator answering and taking messages, it’s easy for our team to create a customized, fully-functional system that handles all of your business processes. From interacting with a complex customer or employee database to utilizing online web portals and e-commerce platforms, we have the professional staff and innovative technology needed to design an after-hours solution that works and adds measurable value to your company.

Lead your market

Businesses with after-hours accessibility are invariably market leaders. Our after-hours call center will make your business available around the clock, increasing your income potential and setting you apart from businesses only available from 9 to 5.

Solutions you can trust

We have been in business since 1967 and have a track record of providing call center solutions that add value. We help businesses not only improve their operations and provide better service but also lower costs and create leaner operations. By relying on our team to provide your after-hours call center services, your focus can remain on core competencies and the daily tasks most important to your success. We treat your customers as our own and work every day to ensure your business is making a positive impression.

Browse after-hours services by function

After-Hours Answering Service

Have every call answered live

After-Hours Call Center

Complex, custom, integrated solutions

After-Hours Customer Service

Meet customer needs after hours

After-Hours Dispatching Service

Screen and assign requests

After-Hours On-Call Answering Service

Communicate with on-call staff

After-Hours Virtual Receptionist

Greet every call with a smile

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