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What's included with After-Hours Customer Service Solutions from CMS

With after-hours customer service from CMS, your business can provide 24-7 access to support personnel and improve customer satisfaction without adding unnecessary costs.

Quality customer service, even overnight

Not every customer service issue can wait until the next business day. By utilizing our after-hours customer support call center, you can easily transition your customer service lines to our operators after hours, allowing your customers to reach a live person regardless of when they call.

Optimized to meet your needs, after-hours customer service accounts from CMS are designed to work as an extension of your organization. Our customer support representatives answer live in the name of your business, follow specific instructions that you put in place, and interface directly with the appropriate systems and personnel within your organization.

Your affordable after-hours support solution

Staffing your own customer service department after hours is extremely costly. Whether an employee takes one call or two hundred, they’re still being paid the same salary or hourly wage. By using CMS as your after-hours customer support team, you pay only for the time our operators spend working on your behalf, making our service an incredibly cost-effective way to provide customer support after hours.

An extension of your customer service team

By providing 100% customizable accounts, our after-hours customer support services can be configured to work seamlessly as an extension of your existing operation. Agents answering on your behalf identify themselves as representatives of your after-hours support team and have the tools necessary to serve your customers. We can program our system to integrate with your existing CRM software or web-based ticket system, making it easy to perform the same tasks as your in-house staff.

Provide a consistent customer experience

Customers accustomed to reaching your professional customer service staff during the day may be put off by reaching voicemail or automated systems after hours. Worse yet, if these customers need immediate attention, they may take their business elsewhere. By outsourcing your after-hours customer service to CMS, you can avoid damaging these valuable relationships and always provide friendly representatives to assist your customers.

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After-Hours Answering Service

Have every call answered live

After-Hours Customer Service

Meet customer needs after hours

After-Hours Dispatching Service

Screen and assign requests

After-Hours On-Call Answering Service

Communicate with on-call staff

After-Hours Virtual Receptionist

Greet every call with a smile