Scheduling appointments is critical to your business, but without a good system in place, it can become an expensive distraction. With appointment scheduling call center services from CMS, you can ensure that your appointment related phone calls are always handled professionally, freeing up time to concentrate on running your business.

Appointment scheduling calendar

Schedule appointments 24/7

Many people do not have time to schedule during your office hours. With appointment scheduling service from CMS, appointments can be scheduled around the clock by our trained call center agents. Live scheduling agents from CMS allow your patients or customers to call and schedule at a time most convenient for them, be it during the day or after hours. By accommodating the scheduling needs of all your clients, you can fill your schedule and make more money.

By utilizing our appointment call center to work as an extension of your business and schedule appointments on your behalf, you will develop a loyal customer base that appreciates being provided with an easy, convenient scheduling option that’s available 24 hours a day.

Refocus your staff

Allow your staff to concentrate on more important tasks while CMS helps your customers or patients schedule their appointments. Interrupting your staff when they are concentrating on creating specs or working out a billing issue can be frustrating and inefficient. Let them do what you hired them for.

Built to fit your business

CMS can integrate with your existing scheduling software or set up a 100% customized online calendar to accommodate any scheduling scenarios. Instant updates can be sent to you or any vital personnel via email or text message when a time is booked or rescheduled. Keep your calendar and appointments organized by using an interactive shared calendar accessible online at any time to:

  • View daily schedule
  • Assign appointments to the appropriate personnel
  • Schedule / Reschedule / Cancel an appointment
  • Block off vacation time
  • Add / edit appointment descriptions and pricing
  • Run reports
  • Reset your schedule
  • Add an employee
  • Get directions

Here to make your business money

The objective of our appointment call center is to increase your company’s revenue. We do this by scheduling appointments while your staff concentrates on more important tasks, helping them manage their time better and become more efficient.

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