Providing quality customer support is critical to the success of your business. By outsourcing your customer support service to CMS, you can provide essential customer care around the clock without inflating your expenses.

Customer Support Service Staff

Provide better customer support

Our customer support call center is available 24-7 to service the needs of your callers. Serving countless companies nationwide, customer support service from CMS is 100% customized to meet the needs of your organization, allowing us to respond to your customers’ specific needs and assist them as though we are sitting in your office.

Instead of providing limited customer support or scaling back support hours to reduce costs, our affordable services allow you to provide an on-demand support team that your customers will appreciate.

Customer support that meets your needs

Customer support services from CMS are personalized and scalable to meet the needs of your organization. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company supporting thousands of users or a home-based business running a small website, we can design a service that satisfies your customers.

Our professional agents answer every call live in the name of your organization, respond to basic questions about your product or service, and assist callers with tasks such as completing registration, resetting passwords, scheduling repairs, or initiating trouble tickets.

Integrated with existing support systems

Beyond customizing the answering phrase and scripting used by our agents, we also have the ability to integrate with your existing customer support systems. If you have web-based applications or cloud infrastructure used by your customers and employees, we can integrate them with our software so they are available to our support agents.

By integrating with applications such as e-commerce websites, work ticket systems, and CRM platforms, we can save your existing staff time on data entry and provide a more consistent customer support experience to your customers.

Pay only for the support you need

Outsourcing customer support service to CMS can greatly reduce your support costs. Unlike your in-house customer support staff, who are paid whether they’re assisting customers or not, we only bill you when our agents are actively working on your behalf. So although our support team is available 24-7 to answer your line and assist callers, your account is only charged for the time we actually spend on the phone.

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