Call Center Benefits

What's included with Direct Response Call Center Solutions from CMS

Accessible 24-7, our direct response call center provides the live operator support needed to make your direct response marketing campaign a success.

Maximize your campaign revenue

The goal of any direct response marketing campaign is to drive consumers to action. And when they decide to act, it’s critical that your organization is in the position to profit. By using our direct response call center to handle inbound calls produced by your campaign, you ensure there is always staff in place to assist prospective customers and that every call is answered live.

Paying only for the time spent answering your calls, outsourcing your direct response call center to CMS is a cost-effective solution for handling campaign telephone calls, helping keep expenses down while simultaneously improving revenue potential.

Flexible call center options

Our call center services for direct marketing campaigns are flexible and easily scaled to meet your needs. Whether you anticipate several calls or thousands, we have the call center capabilities to meet the demand.

In addition to providing scalability, utilizing our direct response call center allows you to benefit from our 100% customizable accounts. You tell us the specifications and details of your campaign, our call center professionals build you a solution from scratch. With our advanced programming and integration services, we can easily configure our system to integrate with your online order platform or storefront, allowing our agents to seamlessly process orders and assist callers responding to your advertising.

Robust reporting and monitoring

In order to calculate your ROI and gauge the effectiveness of your campaign, you need data. Our direct response marketing call center will provide you with valuable call data and online reporting, allowing you to determine the number of calls being made to your campaign telephone number, the geographic location of those callers, the types of calls being received, and the number of callers converted to customers. Additionally, every call we answer is recorded and timestamped, available for review at any time via our direct response web portal.

Summary of benefits and features

  • Expertly trained agents based here in the United States and speaking clear English
  • Personalized call scripting based upon your product and campaign specifications
  • Agent training and built-in FAQ area, allowing our staff to easily assist callers
  • Integration with payment systems for seamless transaction processing
  • 24-7 availability and on-demand access; you can send us calls at any time
  • Per-minute billing packages so you only pay for what you need

Whether your campaign is utilizing TV, radio, print, media ads, or a combination, our direct response call center is must-have component that will help you drive conversions and improve your profitability. When your customers hear “live operators are standing by” and pick up the phone to place a call, be sure CMS is there to answer.