Call Center Benefits

What's included with Disaster Recovery Call Center Solutions from CMS

Maintaining business continuity in a disaster hinges on your ability to communicate. With disaster recovery call center services from CMS, your call center operations can seamlessly transition to our facility in times of crisis and help your organization avoid costly downtime.

Prepare for the worst

If you’re unprepared, power outages, natural disasters, regional pandemics, and other unforeseen circumstances can have a major impact on your business. When these disasters occur, you need to react quickly and ensure that your critical contact channels remain unaffected. Whether customers are reaching out for support or your employees are trying to reach managers, having a disaster recovery call center in place with CMS guarantees your organization will always remain available.

Staffed 24/7/365, our disaster call center is always there to take over for your internal operation. Configured in advance to mirror your existing call center or communication infrastructure, transitioning to our services in times of crisis is a simple, worry free process.

Maintain business as usual

When it comes to business, the most stressful part of any disaster situation is scrambling to get things back to normal. Instead of worrying about who is available to answer calls and whether callers are being dealt with appropriately, our disaster recovery call center allows you to focus on other aspects of your operation. We handle your calls as an extension of your business and help eliminate the communication issues that typically arise in disaster situations.

Configured to meet your needs

Disaster recovery services from CMS adapt to the needs of your business and are set up to function as an extension of your operation. Our system will be configured with the appropriate contacts, message scripting, crisis information, and procedures, allowing us to instantly begin taking calls on your behalf whenever we are needed.

Cost-effective disaster preparedness

Using CMS as a disaster recovery call center is a cost-effective addition to your business continuity plan. Instead of duplicating your operation elsewhere and incurring double the costs, your organization benefits from our existing infrastructure and pays only for the time our personnel spend working on your behalf.