Call Center Benefits

What's included with Emergency Call Center Solutions from CMS

Don’t leave emergency communication to chance

When something goes wrong, communication is critical. Whether it’s an office emergency or a customer with a critical service issue, implementing an emergency call center through CMS ensures you’re ready to handle any communication challenge that comes your way.

Staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our emergency call center provides the staffing and communication infrastructure you need to keep your operation moving.

Urgent and emergency call dispatching

Your customers expect a rapid response when they experience an emergency, and a 24-hour emergency call dispatching service can help you meet those expectations. Call centers that screen calls and dispatch emergencies to on-call personnel can provide a number of benefits for businesses, including:

  • Improved customer satisfaction: When customers know that they can reach someone who can help them resolve their issues quickly, they are more likely to be satisfied with your service.
  • Reduced liability: By responding to emergencies quickly, you can minimize the potential for liability claims.
  • Improved efficiency: An emergency call center can help you coordinate a quick and efficient response to an emergency, which can minimize business disruptions.

Emergency call centers can be particularly beneficial for businesses that provide essential services, such as plumbers, disaster restoration companies, IT support departments, property maintenance firms, and medical practices. In many cases, these businesses are required to have an after-hours emergency call center in order to meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

Tailor-made emergency call services

Emergency call services from CMS are 100% personalized to meet the needs of your organization. From the types of crisis calls we handle to the manner in which we communicate with your personnel, everything can be customized.

If you need an emergency call center to handle urgent customer phone calls after hours, we can develop scripting specific to your business and a relay procedure to quickly communicate with your on-call personnel. To back up your office in case of downtime, we can program our system to dispatch messages to your personnel via alternative means. Regardless of your emergency call center needs, we have a solution to meet them.

Fully redundant and reliable systems

Our power, telephony, and technical systems are fully redundant, allowing us to operate even when others can’t. With CMS functioning as your emergency call center, you can rest assured that we will always be capable of assisting during your times of need.

Easy to implement and utilize

Setting up an emergency call center for your business is an easy process. Once we work together to determine your emergency call procedures, they’re programmed directly into our system and ready for future use. Whether you use our call center on a nightly basis or once a year, our system will always be available. Simply forward your phone number to our call center and we are able to instantly start taking emergency calls on your behalf.