Call Center Benefits

What's included with Infomercial Call Center Solutions from CMS

Producing an infomercial is a sizable investment. By utilizing infomercial call center services from CMS, you can ensure your campaign has the support and technology it needs to realize a healthy ROI.

Make your infomercial a success

A successful infomercial should dramatically increase your call volume, jamming your phone lines with customers ready to order your product. Without the support staff to effectively handle that call volume, you are sure to lose revenue as callers lose interest and decide to spend their money elsewhere.

At CMS, we provide the 24-hour call center support your organization needs to answer inbound calls and assist customers with placing orders. By employing our call center to answer on your company’s behalf, you guarantee that every call will be answered live and managed in a courteous, professional manner.

No cutting into your profits

When it comes to staffing a 24-hour call center, the costs can be immense. Beyond labor, there’s the technology and expertise needed to make the operation run smoothly, further adding to the expense.

By outsourcing your call volume to our infomercial call center, you can avoid spending unnecessary funds on staffing and support, increasing your profit margin and adding to the success of your campaign.

Pay only for the time you need

Unlike paying your own employees by the hour, our agents only bill your account when actively taking calls on your behalf. With low per-minute charges, utilizing our infomercial call center is an extremely cost-effective way to effectuate adequate staffing for your advertising campaign.

Always prepared to handle your calls

Our 24-7 infomercial call center can easily cope with your call volume, regardless of when it occurs. With virtual call center agents available to assist on demand, our operation can quickly scale to meet any unexpected spikes in volume produced by your advertising efforts.

Integrated with your operation

The system used by our infomercial call center can integrate directly with your existing order processing platform, eliminating the need for redundant data entry and reducing the workload of your office personnel.

Agents taking calls can place orders directly over the web and easily assist your customers without third-party applications or additional infrastructure, seamlessly syncing data with your CRM software or data management system.