By partnering with CMS to place your outbound education and verification (OEV) calls to new enrollees, you can ensure that each call is handled professionally, efficiently, and in a manner consistent with current guidelines – all without burdening your existing staff or drastically increasing your costs.

Medicare Education and Verification Process

Proper handling of Medicare OEV calls is vital for legal compliance and customer satisfaction. We know that setting up a system to handle these calls while following the guidelines put in place by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services can be an expensive, distracting exercise. By utilizing CMS as your OEV call center provider, you can reduce the cost associated with placing these calls while also ensuring they’re performed in a legally compliant, customer-friendly manner.

We utilize proprietary OEV call management software that makes it easy for us to integrate your plan information and customer database into our system. Online tools allow you to actively manage the database in use by our team and track the calls being placed on your behalf.

Additional information

Our call center professionals are skilled communicators. Combined with their knowledge of the OEV call process and associated guidelines, they’re the perfect team to serve your outbound calling needs. As you know, preparing your existing staff to place these calls or hiring new employees is extremely expensive. Luckily, with CMS, all of this is already taken care of.

How it works

  • We receive the contact information for your new enrollees and upload them into our system
  • We provide you with the tools to keep our list of new enrollees up-to-date
  • We place calls using an approved script and thoroughly documenting responses
  • Our system is programmed to call back enrollees we’re unable to reach within a specified time frame
  • Our agents are able to perform warm transfers to your staff in instances where enrollees have further questions or are considering dis-enrollment
  • We provide you with reports detailing our progress, response rate, and other metrics

The CMS difference

CMS is the third-party provider you can trust with your Medicare OEV calls. Our highly trained staff and advanced software will allow you to rest assured that your calls are being handled properly and that your customers are receiving the level of service they deserve.

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