As much as you would like to rely purely on the Internet, some customers still insist on placing orders over the phone. By utilizing our order taking call center, you can meet the demand for live operator order processing without drastically increasing your costs, a solution that will produce higher customer satisfaction and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Customer placing order over the phone

Take phone orders 24-7

When you have an online marketplace you are officially open 24/7. Today’s customers shop at all times of the day and not providing live telephone support to assist with processing orders will cost your business money. An order taking call center gives your customers the quick answers they are looking for and allows them to place their orders at their convenience. If they don’t place their order with you when they want, they may decide to place it with your competition.

In addition to providing customers the convenience of order over the phone whenever they would like, our order taking call center service adds to the legitimacy of your operation and helps improve your professional image. When consumers are unable to reach a company by phone, they often deduce that the company is too small to service their needs or that the organization isn’t operating legitimately. Don’t let your company get stuck with this reputation. Partner with CMS and provide customers the live operator order taking capabilities that they’re looking for.

Give consumers choices

Not every customer wants to order online; others may not have that ability. By providing order entry services through CMS, your business will be able to capture these sales over the phone.

Utilize your existing system

Order taking services from CMS are flexible and personalized to meet the needs of your business. Our systems can be programmed to integrate directly with your existing web shopping cart or virtual terminal, allowing our agents to place orders for your customers on the same software that’s available online or that you use behind the scenes. This integration eliminates the need to re-enter orders on your end and ensures that customers can have their orders processed immediately upon calling.

Protect your business

Losing the ability to communicate with your customers for even one day can be crippling to a business. If you lose your power, your telephone system, or most importantly your website, CMS will be available to answer so your business is not missing any potential orders. If your website goes down for any reason, you could lose many sales. With CMS, you can have backup order scripting available, allowing orders to be taken over the phone and processed later when your system is operating properly. Orders can be emailed, text messaged, faxed or paged to you immediately so you are prepared to handle them immediately.

Here to make your business money

Our function at CMS is to increase your company’s revenue. We do this by providing reliable order taking services 24-7, making your business available around the clock and able to serve the needs of all potential customers, not just those willing to order over the web.

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