Call Center Benefits

What's included with Overflow Call Center Solutions from CMS

Don’t make your customers wait. With overflow call center support from CMS, you ensure there is always someone available to handle your calls, regardless of how busy you are in the office.

Don’t let high call volume slow you down

Overflow call center service from CMS provides your organization with live operators to field your calls on demand.

Because all of our accounts are 100% customizable, our overflow call center can be configured to provide your customers with the exact level of support they would have received had they reached your office.

Instead of forcing callers to wait for an available operator when your office or main call center is busy, excess calls are routed to our professional agents who are ready to assist.

Faster service increases your customer satisfaction and reduces the stress placed on your existing office staff.

With our overflow call center open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we’re guaranteed to be available whenever you need us.

An extension of your operation

CMS overflow call center operators who answer on your behalf act as an extension of your office and follow your specific instructions. Our overflow call center can be molded to fit the needs of your business.

Our staff can schedule appointments, access customer records, integrate with your billing or ticket system, and look up information based on customer requests. We maintain in-house programming and technology staff and will consult with you to ensure your account is configured as effectively as possible.

Refocus your staff

High call volume can distract your office staff and have a negative impact on your business.

Overflow call support through CMS makes it easier for your staff to focus on their primary responsibilities without neglecting callers.

The call center agents who handle your overflow calls are only paid while working directly for you, making overflow service an affordable alternative to utilizing your existing office staff for telephone support, or expanding your internal call center operation.

Eliminate repeat calls

Our call center overflow agents can provide your callers with the information they are looking for when you are unavailable, eliminating the need for a second call.

Instead of asking them to call again or await a callback, which could result in lost business, our overflow call center can act as your backup, picking up where your staff left off.

It’s not always necessary to hire additional staff or expand your call center simply because you experience sporadic periods of higher volume. With our overflow call center, you can efficiently manage these calls in a cost-effective manner.

The CMS difference

More than four decades of call center experience make CMS a company you can trust with your excess call volume. If your call center is short-staffed, loses phone service, or experiences an unexpected spike in call volume, CMS will be available.