Your business relies on orders to survive, and customers are increasingly sensitive to the availability of professional customer service. Although you may prefer to handle customer service matters over the Internet, providing live operator phone support is critical in today’s competitive business environment. Without it, you may be losing business to the competition or negatively impacting your reputation.

Customer placing order over the phone

Live order support 24-7

By utilizing CMS to provide phone order support, you’re allowing your business to operate 24-7 and providing customers with the ability to reach a live person whenever they would like. Instead of relying on email, our professional customer service team will put a voice behind your product; this will improve your reputation and help your business stand out amongst the competition.

Unlike paying an employee to handle order support and customer service on your behalf, CMS agents are only paid while working directly on your account. This means you can maintain a 24-7 order support hotline for a minimal monthly investment. There are no long term contracts to get started and our agents can be setup to assist your customers within a matter of days.

Give consumers choices

Not every customer wants to order online; others may not have that ability. By providing order entry services through CMS, your business will be able to capture these sales over the phone.

Customers notice good service

Today’s consumers notice quality customer service when they see it. Providing a phone number where customers can receive assistance goes a long way in securing future business and helps build trust with your organization. All of our customer service agents are based here in the United States and available to assist customers with general information, product questions, delivery inquiries, order taking, and more. With 100% customized account options, our phone support service will work as an extension of your business. Customers will never notice that we aren’t located in your office.

Protect your business

Losing the ability to communicate with your customers for even one day can be crippling to a business. If you lose your power, your telephone system, or most importantly your website, CMS will be available to answer so your business is not missing any important phone calls. If your website goes down for any reason, you could lose sales. CMS backs up order information in our system, so orders can still be taken. Orders can be emailed, text messaged, faxed or paged to you immediately so you are not missing any opportunities.

Here to make your business money

Our function at CMS is to increase your company’s revenue. We do this by providing reliable order support services around the clock, ensuring your customers receive the help they need before ordering your product.

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