Our business voicemail service provides professional voicemail boxes personalized to the needs of your organization.

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Give callers choices

In this highly competitive economy, it’s vital that your callers can reach you 24/7. Live answering is the most effective method for developing a loyal customer base while allowing your company to grow, but utilizing live operators doesn’t always make sense. Voicemail services are a cost-effective solution for professionally capturing messages or relaying information in instances where you can’t, or don’t want to, have calls answered live.

Custom voicemail services include stand-alone voicemail service, voicemail menu systems, and standard voicemail boxes. All voicemail services can be used in conjunction with our live call center services or as an independent service. The automated nature of voicemail increases the chances of losing customers who don’t leave their information, but live answering allows you to capture every call with a live agent. These services can also work together to create a personalized phone system that changes dynamically based on the caller, time, department, location, or other factors.

Tell your callers what you want from them

The voicemail pre-screen is a recorded message that can introduce your company to the caller or inform them of specific information before they speak with a live agent from CMS. All recordings are customized and determined by you.

Serve your customers’ needs while keeping costs low

Pre-recorded voicemail menu systems can give your company the appearance of a larger company without the extreme expense of purchasing an IVR system yourself. All outbound messages are recorded by a live specialist or someone from your organization. The inbound response allows the caller to inform live operators why they are calling, direct themselves to the correct location, or leave a message for a specific member of your staff.

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