Our small business call center helps business owners provide professional telephone customer service without hiring additional staff or taking time away from more pressing tasks.

Small business team

Run your business, not a call center

Answering every call is important, but small business owners seldom have the time. Hiring staff to answer the phone is an option, but it’s expensive. Add on the time it takes to train and manage new employees, and hiring quickly becomes unrealistic.

With our call center services for small businesses, you can avoid these headaches without sacrificing customer service quality. Instead of attempting to handle all of your calls on your own, our trained representatives handle them for you, answering in the name of your business and assisting callers per your instructions.

Big business quality, small business price

If you call a company at 2 a.m. and reach a live person who is ready to assist you, are you speaking with a big organization or small business? Most would answer a big organization because they have the money to run a 24-7 operation.

By using CMS as your small business call center, you too can provide 24-7 live operator assistance, and at a fraction of the cost. Unlike hiring employees, you only pay our agents while they are actively working on your behalf. And there’s no equipment to buy or infrastructure to maintain. We take care of all the details and you only pay for what you need.

Call center services built for your business

When you think of how your ideal call center would operate and how it would portray your business, you probably have some detailed thoughts in mind. When you partner with CMS as your small business call center, our goal is to translate that vision and make it a reality. None of our services are one-size-fits-all and everything we do on your behalf is 100% customizable. From the way we greet your callers to the tasks we perform, everything is up to you.

Small business call center outsourcing services include:

  • 24/7 small business customer service
  • Live operator appointment scheduling
  • Website and work ticket integration
  • Small business order taking/e-commerce support
  • Event and seminar registration
  • Virtual receptionist and call routing
  • Service dispatching and emergency relay

And the list goes on. We provide a wide variety of call center services to small businesses across the country and work closely with our clients to implement solutions that integrate with their internal operations and best serve their customers.

Make customer care a priority

Small business call center solutions from CMS allow small businesses to dedicate themselves to high-quality customer service without negatively impacting their bottom line. We provide the professional staff, technology, reporting, and expertise necessary for managing a successful call center. By working with CMS, your small business can finally make customer care a priority.

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