Our call center can serve as your outbound notification and relay service, responding to critical system alerts and ensuring the appropriate personnel are notified.

Network system monitoring alert structure

Monitoring systems 24/7/365

Systems that create alerts via email or SMS are only effective if they reach the appropriate personnel in a timely manner. By routing all systems alerts and notifications through our call center, you ensure each notification will be immediately recognized by a live operator and relayed appropriately.

Available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, our call center is always available to monitor your system notifications. With CMS, you don’t have to worry about off hour alerts going unnoticed or email messages unchecked. Every message we receive from your system is forced through our software and responded to by a trained agent.

Centralize your response

By utilizing CMS to process your system alerts, you can benefit from having a single communication center responsible for executing and monitoring your relay procedures. Our centralized call center will improve your effectiveness and your response time.

Following your procedures

Our advanced call center software is pre-programmed with your relay procedures, contingency plans, contacts, support staff, and other information needed to resolve every alert that may be generated. Custom relay options include:

  • Procedures that vary based on the type of alert received
  • Escalation processes in case primary contact is unavailable
  • Custom time frames for executing different steps
  • Ability to notify multiple people using multiple channels

Every aspect of our alert response can be personalized to the needs of your organization. Following your protocols and time parameters, our trained staff can provide the effective alert response you are looking for at a fraction of your in-house costs.

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