Our virtual assistant service provides busy professionals and entrepreneurs with courteous, highly trained receptionists who are available around the clock to handle and route incoming calls, schedule appointments, provide customer service, and more – without the costs or headaches associated with hiring employees.

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Too busy to handle your calls? Based at home and don’t want to hire staff? Unwilling to sacrifice customer service and professionalism by repeatedly sending callers to voicemail? Our virtual assistant service is the solution.

Available 24-7, after business hours, or on-demand as you deem necessary, CMS virtual assistants are always there, answering in the name of your business and handling calls per your instructions. By leveraging our advanced contact center technology and in-house IT staff, we’re able to provide services that are 100% personalized to your needs, allowing our virtual assistants to go far beyond just answering the phone.

Whether you need someone to help callers place orders on your website, schedule appointments in your calendar, or update information in your CRM, our professionals are up to the task.

Make an impression with professional customer service

Our virtual assistant service helps small businesses level the playing field by providing them with the professional staff and technology normally associated with bigger companies. By partnering with CMS, you can provide your customers with world-class service, designing an experience that meets their every need without subtracting from your bottom line. While your competitors continue to be distracted by their calls or, worse yet, send everything to voicemail, you can stand out by answering professionally every time.

An extension of you

A major benefit of our virtual assistant service is that you remain in control. You determine how your calls are answered, what information is gathered, which calls are routed where, and what tasks are performed while on the line with your callers.

In order to provide services beyond live answering and message delivery, we have the ability to integrate with your existing systems and software, including web portals, online calendars, and CRM applications. Need something customized? Our in-house programming staff can work to design something to your specifications. With our resources and experience, the only limit is your imagination.

Easy to get started

CMS virtual assistant solutions have been designed with small businesses in mind and are available at a price you can afford. With our per-minute billing, you only pay for the time that operators spend on the phone handling your calls. We have monthly packages available that fluctuate based on your call volume.

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