CMS compliance hotline services and online incident reporting give companies a secure, reliable system for collecting and tracking anonymous reports.

This confidential reporting system gives employees and other stakeholders the tools they need to anonymously report ethics issues, fraud, policy violations, and other misconduct that poses compliance risks.

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What is a Compliance Hotline?

A compliance hotline is a dedicated phone number that employees can call to anonymously report compliance issues, including fraud, illegal activity, regulatory compliance incidents, and other misconduct. By providing a safe and confidential means to report incidents, compliance hotlines enable organizations to learn about and respond to potential problems faster, lessening their cost and negative impact.

An Essential Part of Any Compliance Program

Compliance programs are internal policies and procedures developed to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, rules, contractual obligations, and other stipulations that govern an organization’s actions. They are designed to reduce risk and uphold the reputation of a business.

The success of any compliance program depends on an organization’s ability to monitor and enforce adherence to its compliance mandates. Compliance hotlines play a vital role in this process by providing an anonymous system that employees can use to raise concerns.

Anonymous Telephone and Web-Based Compliance Reporting

At CMS, we provide 24-hour telephone and web-based anonymous reporting systems that help businesses promote, enforce, and achieve compliance with their policies and procedures.

All services are 100% customizable, accept phone and online submissions, allow two-way anonymous communication, and provide access to reports through a convenient online dashboard.

Compliance hotline pricing from CMS is usage-based, billing in real-time for phone support and pay-per-entry online. This approach provides considerable savings compared to other vendors that charge based on the number of users in your organization.

Compliance Hotline Features

Compliance hotline services from CMS provide all of the features you need to meet the anonymous reporting and whistleblower requirements, including:

  • Dedicated 24-hour hotline phone number for accepting anonymous reports
  • Web-based reporting system for accepting online submissions
  • Case management dashboard for tracking and managing reports
  • Secure two-way communication to enable fact-finding and follow-up
  • Email and text notifications
  • Case document storage

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