Trusted Third-Party Hotline Vendor

CMS is an experienced and trusted provider of third-party hotline services, utilized by organizations nationwide to accurately collect, distribute, and retransmit information.

Flexible, 24×7 Solutions

Available 24×7, our hotline call center has both digital and live operator capabilities, providing the flexibility needed to set up a hotline that meets the needs of your organization.

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Employee Hotlines

A suite of hotline services designed to keep you in contact with your employees. Centralize support, emergency, and routine communications.

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Call-Off Hotlines

A single point of contact for reporting absences. Includes management notifications and reporting tools.

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Ethics Hotline Service

Provide a safe, anonymous means for stakeholders to file complaints and report suspicious activity.

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Sexual Harassment Hotlines

Confidential, safe, and secure hotline for reporting sexual harassment and other inappropriate workplace conduct.

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Whistleblower Hotlines

Achieve whistleblower compliance by establishing a confidential solution for receiving and retaining complaints.

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COVID-19 Screening Hotlines

Save your business while protecting your staff by proactively screening employees to combat the pandemic and avoid business disruptions.

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Compliance Hotline Service

A 24/7 hotline and online incident reporting system that gives companies a secure, reliable method for collecting and tracking compliance issues.

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Hotline Services Built Your Way

Our hotline services are scalable and designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a small non-profit organization or a global corporation, we have the resources necessary to implement a solution that not only meets your specs, but also your budget.

Need a dedicated hotline for your upcoming fundraising campaign? Looking for another way to issue emergency instructions to your community? Want to use a hotline to solicit customer feedback after a recent product launch? We can provide the technology, staffing, and expertise to help make it happen.

Go Beyond the Traditional Setup

While traditional hotlines directly connect users to a pre-determined destination and generally serve a single purpose, our advanced call center and live answering capabilities allow for more robust configurations that can integrate interactive menu systems and call routing. Regardless of how complex your setup, we are the only hotline company you’ll need.

Secure, Trustworthy, and Professional

All of our hotline operators are well trained and capable of professionally handling any call that may come in, including those involving urgent or confidential information. In addition, our systems and software are configured to ensure your data is secure and made available only to those with the appropriate access. We know the importance of your data and are dedicated to handling it appropriately.

Additional Hotline Applications

Our hotline services can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Customer relations hotlines
  • Event information hotline
  • Anonymous tip hotlines
  • Sarbanes Oxley compliance hotlines
  • After-hours crisis hotlines

Regardless of your hotline needs, CMS is the third party provider you can trust. All hotline services include reporting options and voice recording, ensuring you have the accurate information you need to take action and protect yourself from legal problems.

Plans & Pricing


No need to restrict your hotline to business hours. CMS is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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Agents undergo rigorous training to ensure only friendly, professionally trained voices answer your hotline.
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Receive hotline messages and notifications via email, text, voice, page, fax, or our online dashboard.
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From the way we answer your calls to the instructions we follow, every aspect of our hotline service is configured to meet the demands of your organization.
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