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Entrust your calls to a trusted third-party hotline provider

Looking for a reliable, 24/7 hotline service? Look no further than CMS. Our hotline call center has both automated IVR and live operator capabilities, providing the flexibility needed to meet your organization’s needs.

As an experienced and trusted provider of third-party hotline services, our call center is used by organizations nationwide to collect, distribute, and retransmit information quickly and accurately.

Common use cases include:

  • Employee hotlines, including ethics compliance, HR, and attendance
  • Anonymous hotlines for complaints and whistleblower tips
  • Business hotlines for lead qualification, applicant screening, and customer service
  • Government hotlines and information lines
  • Emergency and crisis lines

Whether you need a basic hotline setup or a comprehensive solution, CMS can support all of your hotline needs.

Image of three hotline agents wearing headsets sitting at their computers taking calls
Image concept of gears overlaying a computer, with icons representing hotline features including 24/7 availability, IVR functionality, and multipurpose calls

Comprehensive hotline services customized to your needs

We have decades of experience building and operating custom hotlines that serve each client’s unique needs.

From anonymous reporting hotlines for government agencies to complex industrial employee call-off hotlines that automate attendance tracking and staffing functions, we can design a solution to support any call.

CMS hotline capabilities and features include:

  • Dedicated hotline numbers
  • Available 24/7, 365
  • Live agents
  • IVR/automated call handling
  • Call escalation and dispatching
  • Web portal and reporting

Whether you’re looking for a standardized solution or a custom implementation, we can assist your organization with establishing a hotline solution tailored to your needs.

Save time and money with a hotline vendor that does more

With CMS, all of your staffing and technical considerations are covered. We set up the infrastructure, personnel, and integrations necessary to keep your hotline running smoothly.

We save your organization time and money by implementing hotline solutions that maintain your communication channels without the cost of additional staff or equipment.

Optional integration and automation can speed up critical processes, eliminate data entry, and keep stakeholders updated in real-time.

  • Integrate with your systems and software
  • Trigger and automate business processes
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Two-way communication and case management
  • Web and voice reporting

You need more than a hotline — you need a modern call center partner that can remain on the forefront and adapt to the evolving needs of your organization. Our in-house engineers and call center consultants specialize in helping our clients improve their hotline operations every step of the way.

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Hotline Features








Uptime Guarantee

Hotline Solutions

We offer scalable hotline solutions for every industry and use case. As a hotline vendor that goes beyond traditional call center solutions, our services range from standard business hotlines to complex call management systems with self-service reporting tools and web portals. Our most popular hotline solutions include:

Attendance Hotlines

A single point of contact for reporting absences. Includes management notifications and reporting tools.

Anonymous Reporting

Collect feedback by providing a safe and secure hotline that encourages employees and stakeholders to speak up.

Emergency Hotline

Emergencies and disasters happen. Don’t let that stop you from communicating. An emergency hotline keeps lines of communication open when you need them most.

Ethics Compliance Hotline

A hotline and online incident reporting system that gives companies a secure method for collecting confidential reports.

Sexual Harassment Hotline

Confidential, safe, and secure hotline for reporting sexual harassment and other inappropriate workplace conduct.

Whistleblower Hotlines

Achieve whistleblower compliance by establishing a confidential solution for receiving and retaining complaints.

Industry and Business Specific Hotlines

Each industry and business has unique needs, and our hotline solutions can be personalized to meet them. These solutions benefit from standardized processes built on industry expertise and best practices, along with custom applications designed for individual use cases and compliance requirements.

Government Agencies

In a perfect world, we all do the right thing. But the world isn’t perfect. We see it in the rise of theft, fraud, ethics violations, regulatory failure, compliance issues, and more. Many citizens and government workers want to report violations when they see them, but fear repercussions. Our anonymous hotlines give everyone the ability to do the right thing, confidently and without fear.

Learn more: Government Hotline Services

Manufacturing and Hourly Workforces

Operations need to run like clockwork, 24 hours a day, every day. Limiting downtime and maintaining efficient and ongoing production is no accident, it’s the result of the right processes in place to capture vitally needed information that is routed to the people that need it. We serve as the attendance hotline for factories and manufacturing companies, but we go far beyond attendance, CMS supports operations in critical ways.

Learn more: Attendance Hotlines for Manufacturing

Property Maintenance

Our maintenance call center provides property management companies with a centralized work order management hotline capable of processing requests 24 hours a day. CMS maintenance hotline solutions are personalized to the needs of your property management company and can integrate with existing software. Agents can field calls, create work orders in your system, and then notify the appropriate personnel.

Learn more: Maintenance Hotlines

Corporate Compliance

CMS delivers confidential and secure third-party hotline services that help organizations achieve compliance under ISO, SOC 2, and other data security and systems standards.

Learn more: Compliance Hotlines and ISO & SOC 2 Whistleblower Hotlines

Integrate Your Existing Systems

We can integrate with the HR software you use daily to synchronize data, keep employee rosters up to date, and more.

Image of some of the top software applications that CMS integrates with, including Slack, Paycor, ADP, Salesforce, Zendesk, Autotask, Halo PSA, Kronos, Zoho, and Workday
Image of some of the top software applications that CMS integrates with, including Slack, Paycor, ADP, Salesforce, Zendesk, Autotask, Halo PSA, Kronos, Zoho, and Workday

Around-the-Clock Communication

The world of business doesn’t work on a 9-5 schedule. Today’s business environment works on a twenty-four-hour clock. CMS is here to give your business a 24x7x365 presence. We allow you to communicate with your employees around the clock for a fraction of what it costs to hire a full-time staff.

Global Solutions for a Global Economy

Today’s marketplace is a global marketplace. As a worldwide employee hotline vendor, we proudly offer our service in over 240 languages. So no matter where your employees or associates are, CMS can communicate with them.

Seamless Integration

CMS employee hotlines do more than give employees a number to call when they can’t make it to work. Our staff hotline service can integrate with leading employee management and HRIS systems. We also can customize your employee hotline with personalized notifications to individual departments or key personnel. Our goal is to become an extension of your business and to help your business grow and succeed.

Keep Connected and Stay Focused

Fostering communication between you and your employees is a difficult task. But, with over fifty years of experience, the experienced professionals at CMS are here to help your business. Our employee hotline services will help you enhance your communication with employees so you can focus on what matters—growing your business.

Employee Hotline FAQ

What is an employee hotline?

An employee hotline is a 24-hour phone number to facilitate communication between a company and its employees. Employee hotlines can take on various forms, including ethics hotlines, anonymous hotlines, employee call-off hotlines, and crisis communication hotlines.

Ethics hotlines are used to report violations or suspected violations of a company’s ethical standards. These services typically provide employees with a confidential way to voice concerns about potential unethical behavior without fear of retribution or retaliation.

Anonymous hotlines enable employees to report issues without revealing their identities. This allows for a more secure and stress-free method of addressing workplace issues and improved compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Employee call-off hotlines are automated services designed to streamline the process of calling off from work. This hotline allows employees to call a centralized number, enter their employee ID, and alert the company when they need to deviate from their work schedule.

Crisis communication hotlines provide employees with an expedited service for reporting workplace emergencies. In addition to simply dialing the number, companies can set up these hotlines to allow for mass notifications to ensure the safety of their employees.

Overall, employee hotlines can provide an effective and efficient communication channel for employers and employees. Hotlines allow companies to address issues quickly while at the same time protecting the privacy of those using them. They are also critical tools in ensuring a safe working environment and fostering a culture of transparency and trust.

By providing employees with a secure, confidential way to report issues or call in sick, employee hotlines help to foster trust between employers and their workforce. Hotlines also enable companies to quickly address potential violations or problems that may arise, allowing for an improved work environment for all involved.

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