An employee hotline is a single number for a variety of uses. CMS offers an array of centralized hotline services designed to improve communication with your workforce.

Anonymous employee hotlines allow your workforce to report complaints and issues confidentially

Employee Anonymous Hotline

Protect your organization and encourage employee morale by providing a hotline for confidential reporting and complaints.

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Stay connected to employees during times of crisis with a 24 hour emergency employee hotline

Employee Emergency Hotline

Emergencies and disasters happen. Don’t let that stop you from communicating with employees. An emergency hotline keeps lines of communication open when you need them most.

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Sexual Harassment Hotline

Sexual Harassment Hotline

Confidential, safe, and secure hotline for reporting sexual harassment and other inappropriate workplace conduct.

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Call-off hotlines provide a centralized location for attendance related communication

Employee Call-Off Hotline

Create a centralized system for employee call-offs, check-ins, FMLA requests, and shift availability notifications.

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Allow employees to contact support staff and get help around the clock

Employee Help Desk Support Hotline

Provide a single number for routine technical concerns, creating work tickets and facilitating communication between users and on-call support staff.

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COVID-19 Screening Hotlines

COVID-19 Screening Hotline

Save your business while protecting your staff by proactively screening employees to combat the pandemic and avoid business disruptions.

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Around the Clock Communication

The world of business doesn’t work on a 9-5 schedule. Today’s business environment works on a twenty-four-hour clock. CMS is here to give your business a 24x7x365 presence. We give you the ability to communicate with your employees around the clock for a fraction of what it costs to hire a full-time staff.

Global Solutions for a Global Economy

Today’s marketplace is a global marketplace. As a global employee hotline vendor, we are proud to offer our service in over 240 languages. No matter where your employees or associates are, CMS will be able to communicate with them.

Seamless Integration

CMS employee hotlines do more than give your employees a number to call when they can’t make work. Our staff hotline service has the ability to integrate with a number of employee management and HRIS systems. We also have the ability to customize your employee hotline with customized notifications to individual departments or key personnel. Our goal is to become an extension of your business and to help your business grow and succeed.

Keep Connected and Stay Focused

Fostering communication between you and your employees is a difficult task. With over forty years of experience, the experienced professionals at CMS are here to help your business. Our employee hotline services will help you enhance your communication with employees so you can focus on what matters. Growing your business.