Your employees want to know you take their complaints seriously. Our anonymous employee hotline gives your company’s employees an outlet to lodge complaints while maintaining their anonymity. Using CMS as a third party outlet for employee complaints means you can keep employee dissatisfaction where it needs to be. In house.

Anonymous hotlines give employees a place to report problems

Benefits of an Anonymous Employee Hotline

  • Empower employees and leadership
  • Confidential phone and web-based reporting
  • Available 24x7x365
  • Uncover problems and take action faster
  • Manage cases through a trusted third party
  • Improve workplace satisfaction and retention

Uncover Employee Problems Faster

Letting employee dissatisfaction go unnoticed and unresolved causes problems. Moreover they can cost your company money through employee turnover, lawsuits or criminal investigations. By encouraging employees and leadership to speak up you can solve problems before they get out of hand.

Safe, Anonymous and Professional

In some cases employees may not feel comfortable taking their complaints to colleagues or superiors. Hiring a third party to manage your complaint hotline encourages employees to speak up without fear of repercussion. With over forty years of experience, the professionals at CMS know how to handle employee complaints effectively and discreetly.

Comprehensive, Accurate Reporting

At CMS we pride ourselves in providing the best service to our customers. Our anonymous employee hotline service ensures all reports are comprehensive and accurate. We assign each complaint a case management number, ensure all information is accurately transcribed and distributed to the appropriate department.

Improve Employee Morale

Your employees want to know you take their complaints seriously. Hiring CMS as a third party complaint hotline shows them you are serious when it comes to their dissatisfaction. Giving your employees an anonymous hotline for their complaints shows them you are serious. It will improve your morale and goes a long way to solving internal problems before they become larger external problems.

Complete Employee Hotline Solutions

We offer a full suite of 24 hour employee hotline services, including:

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