Businesses need to protect their workers from sexually inappropriate conduct. The sooner victims feel comfortable coming forward, the sooner situations can be addressed.

But to encourage victims and witnesses to come forward, there must be greater anonymity and protection for those that speak out. At Continental Message Solution, we act as a secure and confidential third party and manage a 24-hour sexual harassment hotline that encourages stakeholders to speak out.

Benefits of an Anonymous Sexual Harassment Hotline Service

Our sexual harassment and ethics hotline provides an essential service for corporations of all sizes. Businesses need to be prepared for every possible issue, and a third-party hotline allows whistleblowers and companies to protect themselves in several ways. These include:

  • Anonymity and Discretion – Those that feel they need to report an instance of sexual harassment will be able to say it anonymously, with less risk of threat or retaliation. This benefits not only the whistleblower but the company as well by ensuring there is less risk of escalation.
  • Protocol Compliance – Sexual harassment hotlines also provide a straightforward protocol that whistleblowers can use to share concerns or report behavior. It allows problems to be addressed early and gives a safe space for someone to file a report without as much regard for the fallout. It then allows you to follow all proper protocols with fewer biases.
  • Discourage Improper Behavior – Anonymous reporting also acts as a deterrent to those abusing their position, knowing that a secure, third-party reporting system is available for complainants.

Sexual harassment hotlines can help companies meet the requirements of their compliance program or other anonymous reporting needs. It also creates a more ethical corporate culture and provides a valuable service that improves employee satisfaction.

Complete Employee Hotline Solutions

We offer a full suite of 24-hour employee hotline services, including:

Setup Your Sexual Harassment Support Line with CMS

In today’s world, a sexual harassment hotline service from CMS is an important step in protecting your business, its reputation, and the safety of your employees. With affordable rates, professional service, and 24/7, 100% US-based call centers, we can set up and manage your sexual harassment hotline.

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