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What is an Ethics Hotline?

Third-party ethics hotlines are a requirement for publicly traded companies, but many other organizations choose to employ these anonymous reporting systems because of their benefits.

How an Anonymous Sexual Harassment Hotline Can Protect Your Company

The #metoo movement has opened the world’s eyes to harassment in the workplace. Daily we are seeing new stories about celebrities and famous personalities that are being accused of harassment. Many of these stories are being taken directly to media because the victim did not have a method to safely report harassment without fear of

How to Handle Employee Complaints

Every business has its problems. Some of them are minor, like a broken coffee maker. Others can cause major problems within your company, like an abusive manager or a business process that costs thousands more than an alternative. As much as you may be in touch with your business, there is no way you are

How a Confidential Employee Reporting System Works

Employee complaints provide distinct problems for companies. How do you collect the complaints? Who should the complaints be filed with? How do you protect your employees from workplace retaliation? These are just some of the questions that need answering as you think about what kind of system your company should implement. While there are many